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Thursday, 27 November 2014



NOTE FROM JEFF:  I first put together this perspective on the Christchurch quake scenario in March of 2011. All of this information is from main-stream media sources in New Zealand. What initially keyed me off was noticing the Orwellian-named 'U.S.-New Zealand Global Partnership Forum' taking place in Christchurch on that exact date. Later on, when I had a look at who Anadarko's board of directors were, the name Paula Reynolds as Director of BAE Systems, who had just contracted the Phase 2 Upgrade of HAARP jumped out at me like a bolt of plasma from an ionospheric heater. The 'modus operandi' here is that of 'technetronic- and 'tectonic-' warfare as envisioned by Zbigniew Brzezinski, who is Obama's top national security advisor. New Zealand has more hydro-carbons than the North Sea or Saudi Arabia, and the Key administration, who has granted themselves dictatorial powers in the wake of the Christchurch quake, has invited every hydro-carbon and mining enterprise on the planet to come and do business here. Key et al. have made it very clear that NO 'environmental consideration'...for example, the critically endangered Maui's dolphins...will stand in the way of OPEN FOR BUSINESS. At the time of this writing, unbelievable numbers of cetaceans continue to strand all around New Zealand. This posting explains clearly what is going on here in "100% CLEAN AND GREEN NEW ZEALAND."

The escalating invasion of New Zealand by 'big oil' is waging a war on cetaceans throughout the Aotearoan EEZ, fifth largest in the world. 

"Something is happening in New Zealand and no one wants to talk about it...Our question is: what exactly is going on? It is indifference, lack of training and education, or is it A BLATANT COVER-UP...where anthropogenic noise events are DELIBERATELY not mentioned, not investigated and actively distanced from live stranding events?" 

Clearly the latter, to divert attention from New Zealand's 'hydro-carbon oligarchy.'

The Christchurch quake was the pivotal turning point in this war of ecocide, and the moment when 'big oil' seized control of New Zealand. The cetacean community is bearing the brunt of this relentless assault.

People need to know what they are up against. The Christchurch quake was deliberately engineered to enable a neo-fascist take-over of the NZ government, to secure the compliance of previously uncooperative decision-makers, the goal being the institution of dictatorial powers to the Key administration whose primary agenda is selling off NZ's natural resources to international corporate entities, brokered by Goldman-Sachs. Here is the evidence about the Christchurch quake. You be the judge; you reflect on what has happened since February 22, 2011. Look around at what is happening throughout NZ's huge EEZ: a total reversal of NZ's traditionally conservative environmental policies in favour of wide-spread ecological destruction and invasion by every hydro-carbon and mining corporation on the planet, spending $23 million for a new flag while the Maui's dolphins become an international symbol of public apathy, greed and delusion in '100% CLEAN AND GREEN AOTEAROA'

The Christchurch Quake as New Zealand’s ‘9/11’

Massive evidence exists that the Christchurch quakes were not ‘natural’ but premeditated acts of tectonic warfare involving HAARP and related technologies. I had been told for years, even by geologists, that the Christchurch area was one of the most geologically stable parts of New Zealand; the day before the 22 February quake over 1000 military personnel conducted an operation just south of Christchurch, the first such event in many years; NZ navy vessels were present in Lyttelton harbor the day before the quake, and sailors supposedly told people that ‘we’re here for the quake’; in less than a week CERRA legislation was passed for ALL of New Zealand giving the Key administration dictatorial powers, precluding legislative oversight and judicial accountability.

On 21-22 February a US-NZ Global Partnership Forum was happening, and present in Christchurch were several ‘geo-terrorism’ luminaries, three with US Navy backgrounds (the Navy is prime operator of HAARP, along with the Air Force) and all of them with direct connections to recent examples of the ‘new paradigm’ of covert war-fighting disguised as natural disasters, industrial accidents, or terrorist attacks. Present that day were

Admiral Thad Allen: former deputy director of FEMA, ‘national incident commander’ for both Hurricane Katrina and the BP-Gulf disaster, currently senior analyst for the Rand Corporation and think-tank Booz-Allen-Hamilton (defense and intelligence consultants), and on the NSF ‘blue ribbon’ Antarctica panel (Ian Brzezinski, son of Zbigniew, a master-mind of 9/11, architect of tectonic warfare, and Obama’s top national security advisor, works for Booz-Allen-Hamilton as well)

Richard Armitage: former Deputy Secretary of State, official coordinator of America’s response to 9/11, and co-author of PNAC document ‘Rebuilding America’s Defenses’ which called for a ‘new Pearl Harbour’ to catalyze a revolution in military spending. Member of Council on Foreign Relations.

Timothy Manning: Deputy Director of FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, a ‘homeland security’ army that shows up at disaster sites before they happen and treats victims and refugees like prisoners of war.
Kurt Campbell: Assistant Secretary of State for Asia and Pacific Affairs, met with high-level financial people in Japan only days before Fukushima and is known to have close ties to the Rockefeller family. Also a member of Trilateral Commission.

There’s more. Also in Christchurch that day was a contingent of US Congressmen who comprised a committee on Asia-Pacific Affairs. They suddenly departed Christchurch about two hours before the quake happened and flew to Wellington, where they joined Prime Minister John Key in his office and were there when the quake happened.
Among them was Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas) who is known to represent ‘big oil’ and who is on record as having received at least tens of thousands of dollars in contributions from Anadarko Petroleum, a Texas oil company whose permit to conduct geophysical exploration off the Canterbury coast was granted less than four hours after the Christchurch quake, after being in the ‘queue’ for months or even years!

Anadarko Petroleum and HAARP

And there’s even MORE. Anadarko is growing by leaps and bounds, and with its recent merger with Union Pacific Resources, they shuffled their board of directors. The new CEO is named Walker, and is a banker by profession. An ‘independent director’ of Anadarko now is Charles Goodyear, who was the CEO of BHP-Billiton (the world’s biggest mining company). But when you look at who the board of directors was two years ago, when the Christchurch quakes happened, a very clear connection between Anadarko and HAARP becomes visible, and not just HAARP per se, but also the entire ‘new world order’ agenda of space domination, ‘disaster capitalism’, resource control and depopulation.

Their board of directors at that time included

James Hackett: CEO of Anadarko, also a director of Halliburton (mega-‘war, inc.’ company who constructs infrastructure for US military bases and oil companies, former CEO was Dick Cheney, a master-mind of 9/11 and PNAC). Also a member of Trilateral Commission (founded by Brzezinski for Rockefeller) Hackett happened to be in Brazil with Obama, CEO’s of Westinghouse and General Electric (manufacturers of nuclear reactors), and Madeline Albright (advocate of genocide) at the time of the Fukushima disaster. Hackett also met privately with John Key in New Zealand in Nov. 2011.

Luke Corbett: former director of Kerr-McGee, notorious plutonium reprocessing company based in Oklahoma, currently owned by Anadarko. Karen Silkwood worked for Kerr-McGee and was murdered for her attempts to expose plutonium contamination of employees there.

Peter Geren: former secretary of both US Army and US Air Force (operates HAARP along with Navy)
Paula Reynolds: director of BAE Systems, huge ‘defense contractor’ specializing in high-tech electronics, just happened to build the Phase 2 upgrade for HAARP

General Kevin Chilton: former Air Force test pilot, space shuttle commander, head of US Space Command and of STRATCOM, the central command for all of America’s nuclear weapons. In addition, he was or is the primary commander for US ‘cyber-security’ and is a director of Orbital Systems, involved in space surveillance and commercial satellites. As shuttle commander, Chilton may have participated in experiments relating to HAARP involving the firing of the craft’s engines to inject chemicals into the ionosphere.

I’m giving you an array of colours with which to paint your own picture, but in a nut-shell it looks to me as if the ‘new world order’ master-minds have had their sites on New Zealand for a long time. Traditionally, New Zealand was not the ‘player’ that the Anglo-American power elite wanted her to be, beginning with David Lange’s anti-nuclear stance in the mid-1980’s, but has long been recognized in these circles as a land of immense but untapped natural resources, a beautiful place to ‘inhabit’, and as a strategically-located stepping-stone to Antarctica, Earth’s only polar land-mass and home to astronomical quantities of mineral resources, buried beneath miles of ice. Note that HAARP and other ‘ionospheric heaters’ of its kind tend to be located in polar regions, due to the accessibility of the Earth’s magnetic field at those latitudes.

Being an ‘ally’ to Amerika, Inc., but reticent nonetheless, New Zealand didn’t become the target of the ‘humanitarian liberation’ blitzkriegs rained on Islamic nations like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria but was instead gifted an experimental ‘friendly take-over’…her own version of ‘9/11.’ Scientifically-premeditated artificial earth-quakes were created using HAARP and related technologies. Key members of the New Zealand government, business and diplomatic sectors were ‘invited’ to participate. Kevin ‘big oil’ Brady was in Key’s office when the quake happened, acting on behalf of Anadarko. “Well, gentlemen….do you believe us now? Either grant our Canterbury exploration permit or Wellington will be next. We’ll give you the rest of our wish-list later.”

HAARP and related technologies are what make the ‘new paradigm’ of covert ‘warfare’ possible. The ‘new world order’ visionaries, the US navy and other military entities, the bankers, the CEO’s, the heads of state and prime ministers and presidents, are all in bed together and all share a common ‘mentality’ based on greed and corruption. Life means nothing to these ‘people’.

Anadarko Petroleum is of particular interest, not only because of their direct connection to HAARP and covert ‘technetronic’ warfare, or their blatant military-industrial fusion, but also because of their growing and increasingly pernicious presence in New Zealand. Anadarko had a 25% ownership of the BP-Macondo offshore project that exploded in April of 2010 and continues to contaminate the entire Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean. Again, solid and credible exists that this explosion was not an accident but was deliberately engineered to create profits for ‘disaster capitalists’ and to use the loop current and gulf stream to distribute the pollutants as widely as possible…an act of environmental warfare for the purpose of accelerating depopulation. Reports came in that just moments before the explosion, all the electricity cut out on the platform and strange glowing lights were seen all around the area. This would be indicative of a ‘technetronic weapons’ operation to trigger the explosion, using HAARP and satellites to deliver the necessary energy perhaps in the form of an EMP or ‘electromagnetic pulse.’

Many researchers also believe that these weapons systems were involved in engineering the Fukushima disaster, not to mention recent devastating quakes in Haiti, Indonesia and Chile, as well as the ‘controlled demolition’ of the World Trade Centers on 9/11…the ‘new Pearl Harbour’ that PNAC et al. had called for. The Christchurch quake was New Zealand’s ‘9/11’ and Aotearoa is rapidly on her way to becoming an Anglo-American military outpost, mine site, and base-camp for ‘big oil’, just like her big sister Australia.

Anadarko is central to all of the above. This state-of-the-art paragon of ‘new world order’ corporate entities has direct access to and control of HAARP and all that entails, and is now in the process of rapidly expanding its off-shore and deep-water drilling activities all around New Zealand, not only in the Taranaki basin but most recently in the Pegasus basin off the coast of Kaikoura, home of New Zealand’s highest concentration of whales and dolphins. Even without Anadarko’s extremely questionable ‘substrata’, their very presence even as nothing more than a ‘normal oil company’ there should be under close scrutiny by anyone who loves life and cetaceans, not to mention their excruciatingly cosy relationship with brand new Minister of Energy Simon Bridges. Before we proceed, however, allow me to share some delusion-shattering information on the reality of petroleum.

Remember that HAARP was originally conceived of by an oil company, Atlantic-Richfield who formed ARCO in the early 1990's.

'HOLES IN HEAVEN' Excellent doco on HAARP





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